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Fieri Family


We are a family of 4 that began homesteading when our daughter, Alexis, developed multiple food allergies, and we dove deeper into researching and learning how to grow more of our own food to ease her symptoms.  We started raising chickens for their eggs and quickly rejoiced in the fact that Alexis could eat the eggs daily and not get sick.  By simply feeding the chickens Non-GMO, no soy, no corn feed, Alexis could tolerate the eggs. At this time, we were living in a neighborhood with a concrete backyard and an HOA so creating a homestead beyond the garden and chickens (that were already not allowed), was going to be difficult. We moved to a slightly larger lot and began to really watch our dreams come true. We began to raise turkeys, feeding them the same non-allergy feed and enjoyed a delicious meal. The whole family has learned the complete process of raising the animals to butchering and growing our own vegetables from seed.  Dinner is much more appreciated having put so much time and care into it. Becoming self sufficient on a small plot of land became our new goal and way of life.

After tons or research, we added a swim pond, goats, chickens, turkey's, ducks, a rabbitry, and garden. Once the projects were completed, we realized we became root bound and bought a 13 acre lot and have taken farming to the next level where we are starting a flower farm, raising more animals, offering agritourism, education, and so much more.



The leader of the pack and the muscle and creativity doing all the behind the scenes labor. When not at his firefighter job, he can be found teaching the kids many different trades while building the families dream of obtaining an efficiently ran self sufficient homestead. 



The matriarch of the family comes with many different job titles. Mother, homeschooler, wife, homemaker, farmer, project starter, and mitochondrial disease warrior. Grateful everyday, knowing that the days are numbered but finding joy in every moment. The most important part of this lifestyle is that the family is together.



First born that has entered the teen years and may possibly be part mermaid. She spends 5-7 days a week in the pool with her swim and waterpolo team. Of all the farm animals, the goats are her favorite. She's a strong and independent girl who's ready to take on the world.



When not tending to the farm chores, Wyatt can be found on the baseball field or in the ocean where he loves to surf. Wyatt is a huge asset on the farm, helping Karen every morning and evening with the feeding and stall cleaning. The rabbits are his main responsibility and they were his first 4H project although he puts in equal amounts of time with the goats and chickens as well.

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