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Healing Salve

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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One of the most popular homemade products we use in our home is the Calendula Infused Healing Salve. We use it every single day! When I put it on my body at night before bed, I always wake up with smooth, hydrated skin. We use it to heal cuts, for dry skin, cracked heals, sunburns, minor rashes, and nightly as a moisturizer. A little goes a long way, except when I use it because I lather it on extra thick and crawl into bed.

There are many benefits of Calendula oil which is why I add it to my salve. You can read about how to infuse calendula into the olive oil here.

Here is the RECIPE with links included on where you can buy each item. This recipe will fill (4) four ounce jars.

1 cup Olive Oil

4 tbsp Bees Wax

10 drops Lavender Oil

8 drops Tea Tree Oil

6 drops Lemon Oil

Start by filling a pot with water and turning on medium heat. You want to melt your oils slowly so the heat does not destroy the properties.

Put the double boiler on top of the pot and add the coconut oil, olive oil, and bees wax. Stir until melted. Pour melted salve into your jars and add your oils to each jar. Allow to cool before putting your caps on.

You can watch the video of the process here. The jars in my video are 4.7 ounces and don't quite fill 4 jars.

Printable recipe here

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