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How to make Cold Brew Coffee

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It took me until I was 35 before I started drinking coffee. I tried many different kinds, many different ways but none of which I enjoyed. Until... we started making our own cold brew coffee at home. Now I can't miss a morning with out a cup (or 2).

Here's what you'll need to make your own cold brew coffee.

Coffee Beans (we use Kirkland Espresso)

Keeping coffee in the refrigerator is also convenient when it comes to grabbing a cup in the morning. I only have to make the cold brew about once a week (depending on how tired I am and how many cups per day I drink). Getting coffee running through my body as quick as possible is in everyones best interest.

The cold brew coffee is less acidic and so smooth to drink. It can be enjoyed hot, cold, straight concentrate in a shot, or diluted with hot water and filled to the top of your favorite mug.

Here is a video to watch the whole process on YouTube.

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